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„Seeing With the Eyes of Another*”


The way we communicate and collaborate is changing rapidly and our work culture needs to adapt as a result. The keywords 'lean and agile' have become the secret codes of these new working worlds where responsibility and decision-making is placed in the hands of employees. Organizations have set out to invent new leadership cultures that live up to this aspiration, though, the secret ingredient of successful cultural transformation is empathy.

The foundation of the Empathic Organization is a pop-up school for cultural transformation, provides a comprehensive, innovative ‘Empathic Leadership’ program for leaders, top talent and employees of large organizations. We enable you to successfully and sustainably implement your 'cultural (mindset) shift' towards an 'Empathic Organization'.

Embedded in a comprehensive executive development program, we train empathy and emotional intelligence that are the key drivers of these new forms of work.

The Empathic Organization offers you four building blocks:



interactive Emphatic Leadership Learning-App


modular, digital Empathic Leadership Toolbox


analogue experience Workshops


Emphatic Leadership Conference


Empathic Leadership!

A large number of recent studies underline that empathy is inextricably linked to our personal and professional success. Logical, cognitive thinking and planning alone is no longer effective enough to provide smart answers to rapidly changing challenges and markets.

Empathy as the main driver of a new leadership culture is simply calling for; seeing through the eyes of the other. Listen with the ears of the other. Feeling with the heart of the other.


Digital space and new technologies can change the way we communicate and relate to one another, executives and top talents know: It is about making the relationship work, storytelling and sense making.

The ‘Empathic Organization’ offers strong formats for an empathic and emotionally intelligent leadership culture based on these six core values: purpose, communication, feedback, agility, empowerment and regeneration.


The Program of the ‘Empathic Organization’

The advanced training-program of the 'Empathic Organization' aims at all HR developers, leadership academy directors and cultural transformers in large organizations who want to initiate and implement innovative and concrete measures for cultural change.



Purpose is the driving force to connect people. A company purpose makes common goals visible and helps employees and executives align their daily actions with the larger company vision. The ‘Empathic Organization’ uses its purpose modules to fuse personal values, meaning and vision with those of the work space and company. Our formats promote meaning, solidarity, co-creation, sustainability, integrity and excellence.

In order to re-explore meaning and purpose, the Empathic Organization relies and trains our senses, to create space for our intuition and emotions. This way, we can consciously perceive and understand how our senses inform our thinking and let ourselves be guided by them - toward a newly born, authentic compass.



The purpose and values of each organization, which are continuously negotiated anew, need to be communicated in a tangible way. But without new forms of communication, this endeavor can not be successful. In order to be a good communicator of the company purpose, values and vision, we must learn to act authentically, be trustworthy, inspirational and show up with vigorous judgment again.

Our own and the emotional landscapes of others are a crucial component to these new forms of communication. Only when we understand and are able to disclose what we think and feel; An empathic communication can take place. The 'Empathic Organization' uses communication modules to train a new emotionally informed language and a culture of connected dialogue that enables people to communicate openly, honestly, authentically and transparently.


The feedback culture of each company reflects the company language, vocabulary and communication skills. And a fruitful feedback culture is the driving force for the collective development of an organization towards playful strength and permanent innovation. Only if we communicate our feedback carefully and sensitively, receive it openly and with empathy, a real exchange takes place and a space of possible impact opens up. Positive, motivating and constructive feedback enables us to learn and develop new skills. The feedback from colleagues about our strengths, potentials and weaknesses shows us in which areas of our daily work we should search for further development. A critical reflection of relevant projects and working relationships enables us to understand improvements or to highlight topics that are in need of enhancement. The 'Empathic Organization' trains and standardizes a healthy feedback culture and implements feedback systematics in the daily workflow of every major organization.



A good and stable feedback culture is the base on which employees can approach the agile organizational culture with the speed and flexibility that is necessary.

Agile work enables high-performance teams to make their daily work flexible, iterative and intelligent. To have an agile attitude not only agile methodology and tools are essential but emotional agility requires an active and flexible handling of thoughts and feelings.

The 'Empathic Organization' trains agile working methods that pay for an agile mindset. The willingness to adapt quickly to changes in the environment allows for a cultural transformation towards more flexibility and empathy - and thus the success and market value for the company.



The individual employee is taken into account in agile working environments their willingness to change rapidly, in their individual needs, passions and abilities to function at a very high speed. The formats of the Empathic Organization pay into the development of a healthy yet fast paced organization. An organization that offers happy employees space to develop themselves. This space of personal development plays a specific role in the empowerment of the individual employee. The actual space of empowerment from which the individual can act playfully strong, secure and self-effective, often only appear at second glance and need to be fostered. The ‘Empathic Organisation’ will enable executives to set up a democratic organization that focuses on empowering diverse identities, capabilities and voices.


The demand to be steadily unrestrained, fast performing and efficient in various contexts, to drive growth, requires new ways of dealing with energy and resources. The culture itself has built in a brake that restrains the span of the bow. And every generation brings forth a new culture that questions the old one. This questioning is troublesome and takes time. Old is adopted, new configurations tested. Proactive leadership of high-performance organizations therefore focuses equally on the design of regeneration as well as high-performance phases. Both need to be established and trained. Based on 'mindfulness practices' and 'bodywork', the 'Empathic Organization' trains a conscious approach in understanding and living, a sustainable and healthy form of agility, which has to prove itself again and again in fast-paced work environments and can only exist with regenerative phases.


Emergence of the
Emphatic Organization

Susanne Scheerer and Jan Bathel met in Berlin in 2017 and soon found themselves in an exciting dialogue. Two questions seemed inexhaustible to them both:

How do systems change? Can one plan and successfully manage cultural transformation?

Many years of work in cultural change processes, new forms of work and leadership development with organizations such as the Otto Group, GIZ, EWE AG or Daimler AG have shown that cultural transformation is putting tomorrow's executives to the test in the midst of digitization, emerging markets and deep tech approaches.


After intensive research on social systems, joint work as systemic strategy consultants, leadership developers, concept thinkers, social entrepreneurs and culture creators, they now combine their experiences in their shared vision and mission of the ‘Empathic Organization’.

Both visionaries share one core insight: the secret ingredient of a successful cultural transformation is empathy.

Truly profound and sustainable cultural change only occurs when the emotional landscapes, behavior, mindsets and communication of individuals change.


Accompanying the biggest cultural change process of the Daimler AG 'Change The Game' has proven to both: Empathy as a secret ingredient for successful social transformation is trainable.

Both are happy to share your experiences with you. Their 'Empathic Organization' program offers a comprehensive range of executive and professional careers that have healthy, self-effective and happy employees in mind when they think about their work.



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